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'life After Death' 25th Anniversary Box Set Celebrates the Legacy of Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. would have turned 50 this year, having been fatally shot at the age of 24 in 1997. The 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set Edition of Biggie's Life After Death album will be released as part of a year-long celebration of Biggie's enduring legacy.

Sky's the Limit: A Year Celebrating the Legacy of Notorious B.I.G. represents a partnership between Bad Boy Records, Rhino, and Atlantic. The Biggie-honoring developments kicks off on March 25 with a 4K upgrade to the artist's video catalogs and online events.

In addition, the 25th Anniversary Life After Death Super Deluxe Box Set will be released on June 10 and will sell for $179.98. Additionally, collectors will receive a commemorative booklet containing rare photos from the shoot and liner notes from music writer and editor Sheldon Pearce. Various people in the band's original 1997 lineup also contributed to the commemorative booklet.

Below is a complete tracklist breakdown (which includes info on the 12-inch entries) for the box set. In the meantime, Target will launch an exclusive Life After Death (2022 Remaster) 3-LP Silver Vinyl edition this year for $59.98.

Life After Death A1. “Life After Death” A2. “Somebody’s Gotta Die” A3. “Hypnotize” A4. “Kick In The Door” B1. “Fuck You Tonight B2. “Last Day” B3. “I Love The Dough” B4. “What’s Beef?’ C1. “B.I.G. Interlude” C2. “Mo Money Mo Problems” C3. “N****s Bleed” C4. “I Got a Story To Tell” D1. “Notorious Thugs” D2. “Miss U” D3. “Another” D4. “Going Back To Cali” E1. “Ten Crack Commandments” E2. “Playa Hater” E3. “Nasty Boy” E4. “Sky’s The Limit” F1. “The World Is Filled…” F2. “My Downfall” F3. “Long Kiss Goodnight” F4. “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)” “Hypnotized” 12” A1. “Hypnotize (Radio Mix)” A2. “Hypnotize (Instrumental)” B1. “Hypnotize (Club Mix)” “Mo Money Mo Problems” 12” A1. “Mo Money Mo Problems (Radio Mix)” A2. “Mo Money Mo Problems (Instrumental)” B1. “Mo Money Mo Problems (Album Version)” B2. “Fuck You Tonight” “Sky’s The Limit” 2x12”

A1. “Sky’s The Limit (Radio Edit)” A2. “Kick In The Door (Radio Edit)” B1. “Going Back To Cali (Radio Edit)” B2. “Sky’s The Limit (Instrumental)” C1. “Kick In The Door (Club Mix)” C2. “Going Back To Cali (Club Mix)” D1. “Kick In The Door (Instrumental)” D2. “Going Back To Cali (Instrumental)” “Nasty Boy” 12” A1. Nasty Boy (Radio Edit) A2. Nasty Boy (Instrumental) B1. Nasty Boy (Album Version)


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