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Lil Durk Reacts to Backlash Over His Comments on India Royale's "Bodycount"

The rapper was a guest on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast recently, where he explained why he proposed to India Royale, his longtime girlfriend.

Durk said that her loyalty and low body count were some of the factors for his proposal, but critics on social media weren't happy with his remarks.

DJ Akademiks shared a viral tweet on Instagram questioning the backlash following Lil Durk's comments.

“Lil Durk said he’s with his girl because she’s loyal, she doesn’t cheat or have a high body count and there are women in the comments mad at that,” the tweet read. “You can’t make this up. This generation is different.”

As soon as Durkio read the post, he jumped into Akademiks' comments section to share his response. “Mannnnnn whattttttt lol,” he wrote.

Over her fiancé's comments last week, India Royale had to do some damage control herself. Taking to Twitter, she defended durk's remarks.

“Idgaf what people think about my fiancé,” she tweeted. “That’s why he mine, get you one.”


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