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LL Cool J Responds to Fans Criticizing His Old Music Videos

This week, fans reshared some of LL Cool J's most ludicrous music video moments on social media, and there were a lot of them. When LL saw his name tossed around online, he decided it was "time to break the silence," and responded to some tweets on his TikTok account.

“Yeah, I was definitely ridiculous, that’s my goal, I make my own rules,” he said to his 1.1 million TikTok followers as he read off a tweet noting his farcical nature. The first clip LL responded to found the 54-year-old entertainer strumming the legs of a woman like guitar strings.

“Playing the guitar on a young lady’s leg,” he explained. “My father always said when I asked him if he worked out, he’d say, ‘The heaviest thing I lift is a leg.’ I always loved that. I think I should have had two or three girls, though. I should have had a whole band. Drums and all that.”

After that, he went on to his antics in Mr. Smith's track "Loungin," where he infamously dumped chocolate syrup on a woman's leg in the middle of a busy New York intersection.

“Definitely was wylin’,” he said. “Although I always felt it should have been more chocolate, maybe using a giant paintbrush or something and just really go in. That’s what I woulda did, now looking back. I should have went a little further with it, but yeah it was unhinged.”

On his next reaction, children were stiff-armed during LL's football scene in LSG's 1997 hit "Curious," which also featured MC Lyte and Busta Rhymes.

“Of course. Outta here man. It is what it is man. No favorites, we don’t do favoritism.”

LL Cool J responded to a few more antics, including when he abandons his car and hops on the bus in the video for “Pink Cookies In a Plastic Bag Getting Crushed by Buildings,” and when he washed a woman’s hair in the shower while fully clothed in the video for Babyface’s “This Is for the Lover In You.”

You can check out his response below.


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