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Ludacris Shares “Sorry Not Sorry” Freestyle & Calls Himself ‘So Atlanta’

The debate over which rappers can claim Atlanta has continued this weekend, with Ludacris sharing a freestyle over Omeretta the Great's "Sorry Not Sorry."

The rapper of "Welcome to Atlanta," who proudly carried the city on his back during his commercial peak in early 2000s, took to Instagram on Saturday to respond to Omeretta, who in a viral hit claimed Luda's neighborhood of College Park isn't actually in Atlanta.

“I was born in Illinois/Mama making hella noise/’Cause a star was born and I’ll take this as Omeretta gave him credit for it/’Cause early I moved to College Park, got rich like Ludacris hit the lotto/I spent so much time in Magic City ‘Every day I’m so Atlanta’ was always my motto,” Luda raps.

During the freestyle, Luda puts on for Atlanta and calls for unity among the city's legendary rappers.

“I pop Atlanta, won’t let nobody mock Atlanta/I brought millions of dollars to the city/Now the whole world jack Atlanta,” he raps. “No matter what block Atlanta/No city can opp Atlanta/Ever since the South had something to say, nobody can stop Atlanta/They won’t top Atlanta/We don’t knock Atlanta/We got proper manners/But the whole world know we’ll cock a hammer.”

In February, Omeretta made headlines for casting doubt on Atlanta-based artists.

“College Park is not Atlanta/Lithonia is not Atlanta/Clayco is not Atlanta/Decatur is not Atlanta/Gwinnett is not Atlanta/Roswell is not Atlanta/Forest park is not Atlanta/Lilburn is not Atlanta,” Omeretta declared on the song.

The Atlanta rapper Latto then weighed in on the debate, maintaining Omeretta's claims weren't a big deal, before shouting out several local legends on her own remix of "Sorry Not Sorry."

“So Migos is not Atlanta?/21 is not Atlanta?/Ciara is not Atlanta?/Ludacris is not Atlanta?/Man, Clayco made Atlanta/Decatur made Atlanta/Rap game tried to play Atlanta/OutKast came and saved Atlanta,” Latto said on her verse.

She subsequently took to Twitter to assure fans that her verse was not dissing anyone.

“Y’all I’m not dissing the people I named on the verse!!!” she wrote.

“I’m saying so Migos is not Atlanta?? 21, Ciara, Ludacris etc because they technically not from the city but helped make it is what it is!”


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