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Man Pulls a Gun on Mike Tyson After Challenging Him to Fight at a Comedy Show

At a Hollywood club on Tuesday, Tyson was just trying to enjoy some comedy when he was challenged to a fight by a rowdy man. The man even pulled out a loaded gun.

TMZ captured video of the incident, which began when the eager audience member interrupted the comedian to speak with the legendary boxer. Witnesses reported that Tyson remained seated and calm as the unruly man began to press the boxer to fight in order to "upgrade" his "status".

“All I need is you,” the man can be heard saying to a seated Tyson. “All I need is you.”

As the host shoved the man away from Tyson, things then got tense. He eventually pulled a gun from his waistband and cocked it, sending people inside the comedy club into a panic, as audience members began ducking under tables.

According to TMZ, Tyson sat silently as the man quickly put the gun away before he extended his arms and embraced him.

Despite the tense showdown not ending in a fistfight, the tense exchange came after Tyson told the host of the Hotboxin' podcast that he was open to fighting Jake Paul. Paul's team has been insistent on setting up a fight, but Tyson said he would only agree to it if the price was right. And Tyson himself says that price would be $1 billion dollars.


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