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Mase On Why He Dissed Diddy on 'Oracle 2', Says He Worked With a Pastor in Attempt to Resolve Issues

Mase said he tried to resolve his issue with the Bad Boy founder before dropping the diss track aimed at Diddy.

“I think I’ve handled it the way it should’ve been handled,” he said in his Clubhouse appearance. “From the bible I read, from my understanding, when you have a problem you go to them one-on-one.”

Mase has claimed that he tried to buy his masters back from Diddy, but to no avail. In his latest track, "Oracle 2: The Legend of Mason Betha," Mase takes aim at his former friend, accusing him of exploiting the Notorious B.I.G.'s death.

Mase said he has tried mediation, including working with a pastor, to try and reach an agreement with Diddy over diddy's publishing practices, and said he has exhausted all other options. In a previous interview, Mase said Diddy offered him $20,000 in exchange for his publishing rights 25 years ago, which made him never want to work with the rapper and business mogul again.

He stressed that he’s not still “hurt” by the situation, and he definitely didn’t have a “bond” with Diddy. “I never said he was my brother,” he said at the 5:50 mark. “We had similar goals. Did we have great music? Yes. … I’m not gonna downplay a whole legacy, but I am gonna say the moment you recognize you’re not going in the same direction you do have a right to say, ‘Let’s fix this over here.’”

In 2020, Jadakiss commented on the situation between Mase and Diddy, saying he was disappointed to see it come to this. “I thought that might have already been worked out,” he replied during an episode of Everyday Struggle. “I just don’t like to see that stuff go public like that, I think at this point in both of their careers they could sit down and iron it out.”


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