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Michael Che Announces Retirement on SNL's 'Weekend Update': “This is my last year”

Since 2007, Michael Che has been hosting Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment. However, he believes it's time to walk away from the desk.

According to the Star Tribune, the comedian plans to put his anchoring days behind him and announced the change during a set in Minneapolis.

“This is my last year,” Che said during a pop-up at a hair salon. “You know my tie is a clip-on, right? What man wears a clip-on tie to work for eight years — that’s embarrassing.”

Eight years is certainly a long time in Update years, as Che has hosted the segment more frequently than any other Saturday Night Live alum before him, including Seth Myers. Che even beat Myers' anchoring numbers back in January. Yet, it is unclear whether he intends to continue writing for the segment or if he will pull out entirely.

During his gig, he joked that he had no interest in the Russia/Ukraine "news", telling the audience that he doesn't "really do jokes. If I had jokes, I would’ve like, booked a theater. I’m in a beauty shop.”

The artist formerly known as Kanye West gave a proposal to Che on Instagram last month, telling him he would “double whatever they paying you just so you don’t have to look at that pawn ever again big love,” in reference to SNL and Pete Davidson. In response, Che joked that he’d never betray his friends “for anything less than triple salary.”

“That’s right, $90k per year,” he shared. “Full medical. Full dental. Four weeks vacay. Corner office. Plus, a pair of Red Octobers. Size 12. And you gotta make some beats for my band ‘The Slap Butts.’ And you gotta tell me what you’re gonna wear to work the night before so we can look like twins. You do that for me, and I’ll Rambo that whole building.”

Ye likely didn't meet Che's demands, but he'll be out of the segment soon, so maybe he'll get those four weeks of vacation.


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