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Michael Jackson Allegedly Called Janet Jackson A "Pig, Horse, And Cow"

Following Justin Timberlake's public apology to Janet Jackson and Britney Spears last year, Janet Jackson was one of the most talked-about figures of the year. Her upcoming documentary series, Janet, will show her life in its entirety.

There were also discussions about her relationship with her brother Michael Jackson, and how their relationship ended up drifting apart. The 55 year old talked about what she used to be called by Michael Jackson in the documentary. As Janet explains, Michael Jackson used to call her names and tease her: 'Pig, horse, slaughter hog, cow.' He would laugh about it and I'd laugh too, but then there was somewhere down inside that it would hurt.”

During the course of the conversation, she went into more detail about how the names made her feel, saying that she is an emotional eater. As a result, it makes me feel comfort when I am stressed or something bothers me greatly. I did Good Times and that's the beginning of having weight issues and the way I looked at myself.” From there, Janet spoke on the way she and her brother drifted apart over the years. It is planned for the ‘Janet’ series to debut on January 31, 2022. Check out the Janet teaser trailer down below.


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