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Missing earring case names Benny the Butcher as suspect in grand theft

Benny The Butcher is a suspect in a grand theft case, after the alleged victim claims he made off with some of her super-expensive jewelry ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, the rapper shared a room with a lady a few weeks ago. Her earrings and Benny were gone when she woke up. The jewellery is valued at about $10k.

Benny and the woman were the only ones in the room, according to reports. She says that when she called him, he admitted taking the earrings... promising to return them.

After a few weeks, the woman still did not have any earrings; in fact, he changed his story, saying the earrings were lost.

Benny has been named as the thief in the police report filed by the woman.

So far no comment. We reached out to Mr. The Butcher, but no response has been received.

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