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Nas, 50 Cent & More Star in Documentary on Brooklyn Rap Legend AZ

AZ has released the first trailer for the documentary, which traces his upbringing in Brooklyn (a.k.a. Crooklyn), his rise to fame alongside Nas, the success of Doe or Die and The Firm, as well as the release of Doe or Die II in 2017.

Cameo appearances from Nas, 50 Cent, legendary producer Buckwild, and former EMI executive Daniel Glass, who signed AZ to his first record deal, unpack his legacy as one of the most gifted (if not unsung) rappers of all time.

“AZ would say some slippery shit,” 50 says in the trailer, while Nas adds, “He created a lane for himself. He didn’t want to go where anybody else went, where I went, where this guy went.”

Buckwild chips in with, “A lot of cats that I know from around the world look at AZ like, ‘Yo, he’s one of the coldest rappers ever.'”

Watch the documentary trailer below


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