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NBA 2K22 now has Quavo as a Playable Character and his Likeness is Spot-On

Now you can play as Quavo in NBA 2k22. According to Migos lyricist, Huncho is available to players who unlock the correct MyTEAM player card.

“What’s happening? It's Quavo," the 30-year-old rapper announced in a trailer for his new character that showed a digitalized Quavo balling around the metaverse. “I am officially a playable character in 2k22. I’m very excited.

Complete challenges to unlock my MyTEAM player card. Whatchu waiting on? Start balling as me today, The Huncho.”

During NBA's annual Celebrity All-Star Game, Quavo is one of the most sought after players. He robbed YK Osiris of $20,000 after schooling him on the court in December.

Quavo has always been a fan of basketball. As the narrator and star of YouTube Original documentary series Home Courts, he shows viewers how deeply ingrained the sport is in Atlanta's cultural fabric, as well as several celebrities who call Atlanta home, including former Atlanta Mayors Andrew Young and Kasim Reed, NFL player Walter Stith, and singer Killer Mike.

“You wanna know what’s really going on in the city?” Quavo can be heard saying in the series trailer. “Go to the courts, the big ones, and the small ones, the playgrounds, and stadiums. That’s where you’ll find what makes people angry, what’s giving them hope, and what needs to change. That’s what I’m going to do, [by] starting my own court in my own town.”

Revisit the trailer for Home Courts below.


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