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Ness X Mitchell Dreamer Jersey Collaboration Revealed by J. Cole Ahead of 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend

J. Cole's Dreamer brand announced a collaboration with jersey apparel company Mitchell & Ness on Wednesday (February 16) following a teaser starring one-armed high school basketball phenom Hansel Enmanuel earlier this week.

"DREAMER x Mitchell & Ness x NBA present: DREAMER Authentic Throwback Jerseys," Cole wrote with pictures of the 16 NBA/Dreamer jerseys.

There are a limited number of items in the collection, so fans will have to get them as soon as possible when they go on sale on Friday (February 18) at 12 p.m. (ET) at and Mitchell & The Dreamer/Atlanta Hawks jersey is among Cole's tour attire from the collection.

With only 16 throwback jerseys emblazoned with the Dreamer logo on the chest instead of the usual team insignia shown in the advertisement, it's unclear if every franchise will have a jersey choice option available.

There is no price for the jersey yet either, but fans have flooded J. Cole's comments giving the jersey their approval, while others are frustrated that their favorite teams don't appear in the initial batch such as Toronto Raptors or New York Knicks.

Cleveland will host the NBA All-Star Weekend in 2022 with the Dreamer collection. There will be a lot of hip hop on Saturday night (February 19) with performances from DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, and Migos.

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