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Nicki Minaj Is Asking for Newer Women in the Music Industry to “Stop Talking About Hate”

"Stop talking about hate," Nicki Minaj is telling younger women in the game.

The Queen responded to comments made by her "Blick Blick" collaborator Coi Leray about receiving-and overcoming-hate in the music industry during an Instagram Live session.

“Can you girls stop talking about hate?” Nicki said. “Y’all have never experienced hate the way I have experienced. What y’all have experienced is nothing. Y’all have just experienced some of the growing pains of artistry and of social media. Y’all be thinking y’all have experienced hate and trust me, ya ain’t experienced it yet. A lot of y’all have gotten, not coddled, people have been nice. People have been gentle with y’all.”

The two then lit into each other again on Twitter, where Coi said on Saturday that fans were "too emotional" over Nicki's comments. She added that Nicki’s comments didn’t offend her and that “when someone is speaking who has more experience, always listen.”

“Nicki been through a lot !!! she still standing strong, still dropping hits,” she wrote. She basically told me don’t let y’all wack ass comments and negative energy stop me now because MORE MONEY AND SUCCESS More problems so THUG THAT SHIT OUT !”

Coi responded to Nicki's tweet, saying her reasoning is why she "left the live up" on her Instagram page even after it had aired.

“I spent time just focused on HOW you’re such a talented, versatile, unique artist in my eyes,” Nicki wrote. “I talked on how your verse kept switching up & getting better & how dope those last 4 bars are to me… how I know for a fact you actually WRITE. BUT NO!!!”

Coi reflected on the Queen's words, repeating, "a strong black women is all I hear." She praised Nicki for "dropping gems for me."

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