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Nicki Minaj Responds to Yung Bleu's Claims That "Nicki Should Be in the Top 5 Category of Rap"

BLEU continues to support Nicki Minaj and hopes to one day land that elusive feature from the queen of Young Money. On Monday (March 14), Nicki took to Twitter to defend her honor and ask for respect as one of the Top 5 artists in the game, regardless of category.

“Nicki should be in the top 5 category of rap period that’s including men or women in my opinion,” he wrote. “Her flow , punchlines . Versatility and delivery is some we will only see once every generation.”

BLEU's viral tweet quickly landed on Nicki's radar and the Queen thanked BLEU for the kind words.

“Thank you BLEU,” she responded.

BLEU might finally get the Nicki Minaj verse he's been dying for now that this has happened. A dream feature list from 2021 included Nicki at No. 1, and he also hinted at a possible collab with the "Super Bass" rapper during a September concert, but then backpedaled and clarified that no song with Nicki had been finished.


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