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Nicki Minaj Says That She's Had Discussions on Drake Executive Producing Her Next Album

Nicki Minaj says she talked with Drake about having him produce her upcoming album. Throughout their illustrious careers, the two have collaborated on numerous hits, including "Make Me Proud," "Only," and "No Frauds."

Minaj responded to a question on Twitter over the weekend about working with Drake.

Minaj responded to a question about how long it took her to compose one of her lyrics: "Few mins. What’s funny is- that was originally 1 of the many lines I had on Seeing Green. My SG verse was just way too long so I kept creating new edits & sending back & forth to Champagne Papi. Cuz he was like Wayne verse already long as well, so we gotta try to shorten the song."

The rapper was asked if she had any upcoming projects with Drake: "We actually discussed him EP’ing this new album. That was b4 Seeing Green even came out."


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