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NIGO Collaborates with Pusha-T on New Single “Hear Me Clearly”

Following NIGO's debut as Kenzo's new Artistic Director at Paris Fashion Week in January, the designer teamed up with Pusha-T for his latest single "Hear Me Clearly" off his upcoming album, I Know NIGO.

Push shared a simple polaroid of the rapper signed by NIGO with the words "Day Uno Family" scribbled in the corner on Instagram.

The Daytona rapper also contributed the hook for the song, which pays homage to Jay-Z's bars on his track with Rick Ross, "Free Mason."

With the same spiteful braggadocio as Hov, Push spits with ominous precision as he mixes coke bars with extravagant boasts. “These drug dealer Rollies is my TikTok and Trille/Insecure bitches get lip filler,”. Push begins the song before highlighting the distance between himself and his opponents.

Listen to NIGO's new song "Hear Me Clearly" featuring Pusha-T down below.


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