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Nikki Minaj claims Philadelphia Health Department uses "fear tactic" to push COVID Vaccine

Nicky Minaj responded to the Philadelphia Public Health Department's response to her viral COVID-19 vaccine tweet

On Friday (Feb. 18), Nicki Minaj tweeted, "Philadelphia's public health account is posting Nicki Minaj tweets for engagement." They're trying to shame people for advising others to pray, to be comfortable, and to not be bullied. I've never seen a vaccine cause this much fear and shaming before. #DoWeHaveAProblem

“Philadelphia’s public health account is posting Nicki Minaj tweets for engagement,” the rapper tweeted on Friday (Feb. 18). “They are attempting to shame ppl for advising others to PRAY, be COMFORTABLE & NOT BE BULLIED. I’ve never seen a vaccine trigger this amount of shaming & fear tactics have you? #DoWeHaveAProblem

Additionally, she replied to a fan who said they would not get vaccinated and were “starting to believe the conspiracy theorist” after seeing the Health Department’s tweets. “Good job guys. You just convinced more ppl to NOT get the vaccine you want them to get. Yaaaayyyyy,” Nicki wrote to the Health Department, adding, “Why TF won’t u just get off MY testicles?”

It follows Philly Health Department's troll tweet after Minaj posted without context, "Nothing like watching someone speak confidently about something that they have no knowledge of.".


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