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Pop Smoke, Kid Cudi & Tyler, the Creator & More to Appear on Nigo's New Album 'I Know Nigo'

Nigo will release his first album in 22 years on Friday (March 25) with I Know NIGO. The A Bathing Ape and Kenzo creative director's album features a star-studded cast of rap's A-listers from Nigo's Rolodex.

Besides the Pusha T-assisted "Hear Me Clearly", Lil Uzi Vert's "Heavy", Kid Cudi's "Want It Bad" and A$AP Rocky's "Arya," I Know NIGO will feature 11 tracks in total with cameos from the late Pop Smoke, Clipse reunited, Pharrell, A$AP Ferg, Gunna, and more.

Spotify's RapCaviar chimed in with some information about the project, which allegedly contains six beats created by Pharrell.

Nigo's last album was 2000's Ape Sounds, an indie rock album. Nigo's new project is set to be released on Steven Victor’s Victor Victor Records via a partnership with Republic Records.

“It was a nightmare, full-on,” Victor told Highsnobiety of putting the album together. “You’re dealing with artists on a half-dozen different labels and they’ve all got their own opinions. Then you’ve got logistics, clearing samples, getting the videos shot — we made sure to film them all in person with Nigo so that was an extra headache.”

I Know NIGO was my focus for the past 12 months. I wouldn’t trade the experience of making this for anything. I’ll always rather work on something that’s tough to make but turns out incredible rather than something that was easy and turned out okay.”

I Know NIGO will be released on March 25.

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