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Producer DotDagenius Reveals the Origins of Kid Cudi and Eminem's 'Moon Man & Slim Shaky'

Longtime friend and producer Of Cudi, DotDaGenius just shared the unscripted process behind Kid Cudi's collaboration with Eminem in 2020.

DotDaGenius shared a special beat breakdown video to commemorate the final days of Black Future Month to commemorate the creative process behind "The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady". Kid Cudi revealed in his short reel that the Brooklyn-bred producer actually produced the instrumental years before it was used.

“I made that beat in 2017,” DotDaGenius started off. “Fast forward to 2020, the year of the pandemic, Cudi always had it and started writing to it. We went to the studio, cut it — it sounded crazy.”

In addition, he stated that Kid Cudi suggested that Eminem be recruited for the record, for which he obliged, which prompted him to tighten up the production in anticipation of the "Rap God's" monster verse.

“Then he said he wanted to get Eminem on it and I was like, ‘Okay, yes,'” he said. “Before he did that, though, I had the beat in a good place but I had my homie, Jay Graham, to come through and some much-needed sounds for dynamics. He’s really good with that.”

After Kid Cudi sent the track off to Eminem, he described how well the track was received by him and how pleased he was with the Shady Records MC's masterful guest verse that touched on important social justice themes.

“I remember Cudi hit Eminem up, he loved the record,” he said. “I remember when he [Eminem] sent it back, it couldn’t have been more for the time. Because we had just lost George Floyd and Eminem made a good choice to address it on that record.”

Kid Cudi also got flowers from DotDaGenius for his bar-heavy verse, commenting that the Cleveland-born rapper is at his best when he raps in a bar-heavy style.

“It’s just a hard record, I’m really proud of it,” Dot said. “Cudi snapped — whenever Cudi gets in his God-ton rap voice, watch out.”

It was an honor for DotDaGenius to produce the track, which marks Kid Cudi and Eminem's first collaboration of any kind.

Revisit “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady” below.

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