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Producer Stevie J Went on an Interview While Receiving Oral Sex

As Stevie J was doing his FaceTime interview, the person conducting it had to do a double take. He appeared to be receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman as he lay shirtless on a bed.

Henry is being ridiculed online for not stopping the interview when she realized what was happening - but so is Stevie J. As one Twitter user wrote, “What Stevie J did during that interview was weird, cringy and low-key sexual harassment. And it just further shows his lack of respect for women b/c if the interviewer was a man, he def wouldn’t have done that.”

Another added, “I pray that I never get narcissistic like most famous people struggling to remain relevant. First off Stevie J was drunk or high as Giraffe ass. Secondly he named dropped Diddy. Last off all #StevieJ went too far with Lil Sis interviewing him.”

As for the interviewer, she believes she had done nothing wrong. Shortly after the video started to get some attention, she tweeted “All these journalism majors (sarcasm) telling me how to conduct interviews…I went to one of the top journalism schools in the country. I know how to conduct a professional interview. I’ll address this #stevieJ interview on my podcast because some y’all make me sick.”


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