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Pusha-T Explains the Reason on Why He Posted Lana Del Rey Photo Covered with White Powder

Currently, Pusha-T is in album mode, which has fans analyzing everything the rapper says, does, and posts on social media.

As Push announced his album release in January, he shared a mysterious photo of Lana Del Rey from her Lust For Life photoshoot, obscured by a hint of white powder. After releasing his lead single, "Diet Coke," the Clipse rapper has finally explained why he posted that photo in the first place.

“Musically, I think Lana Del Rey speaks to the same subject matter, but just on different ends of it,” Pusha told Rolling Stone. “You can hear remnants of drug indulgence and addiction. So it’s like, ‘Man, why not?’ I thought it made sense.”

Many fans have speculated that this will be the cover art for King Push's highly anticipated fourth album. While little is known about the project, including its title, Push is already calling it the "album of the motherfucking year."

The rapper revealed there might be a collab with Del Rey in the works when asked about a possible collaboration. “One of the heads of Interscope called right after the picture came out and asked me to get on a remix,” he said. “I forgot which song, but I’m still waiting for them to send it over.”

Pusha-T's upcoming album has been a mystery, but he hasn't given up on keeping the streets fed—no pun intended—by partnering with Arby's to create an interesting diss track commercial for the chain's new fish sandwich. For the fast food chain, the advertisement generated an estimated $8.2 million in exposure.

On Hot Ones, Push tried out the hot wings of death and explained why his record has taken so long. “My brand is all about creating masterpieces and I don’t know if masterpieces get churned out every six months, or every nine months. Or every year, actually,” he told Evans.

Watch the latest episode of Hot Ones featuring Pusha-T below.

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