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Pusha-T Responds To Drake's Use Of Clipse Lyric As Caption On A Video And Talks Upcoming Album

Pusha-T's lyric appeared in Drake's caption on a video of his son Adonis, and now the rapper has spoken to the connection.

Drizzy recently shared a video of his son speaking a few words in French. “I been around the world thrice times I mean what I say,” he captioned the post, which is a reference to the Clipse song “Cot Damn.” Considering the past between Drake and Push, specifically the latter’s diss song “The Story of Adonis,” the choice struck some fans as curious. He suggested that he was ready to move past the beef he has with the Toronto rapper on the latest episode of 360 With Speedy Morman.

“I thought he was propping up his son, speaking French," he said at the 25:00 point of the interview. Asked if he thinks it's "sus" to be posting the lyric, Push said, "No, not with his son, never. That would never occur to me. I wouldn't put my son in that kind of energy," he said, expressing understanding as to why Drake captioned the photo with that line. "I think it was just drawing a parallel to, like you said, his son speaking French," he added.

Soon after, the topic turned to Drizzy's history, which came up around the release of Daytona in 2018. “I’ve already looked past that,” he said of their beef. “I don’t look towards that anymore. … Bygones are bygones, as far as I ... Bygones are bygones, as far as I see.” Drake reflected on the past differences between he and Kanye and said it “works really good” to see Drake and Kanye as friends even though it surprised him. “I told [Ye], ‘That might be good for you,’” he added, confirming him and Kanye spoke about ending the beef with the 6 God before the Free Larry Hoover event.

According to him, there has been no better album this year than his upcoming one. As for when it will be released, he explained that half of it was produced by Kanye West and the other half by the Neptunes.

“Nobody makes better music with those two entities than me,” he said. “I want people to stop working with them, because it sort of cheapens what I do.” He admitted that he’s “selfish” for wanting to keep the Neptunes and Kanye to himself, but he laughed that it “annoys” him to see them produce for other artists sometimes. Speaking of Kanye, he revealed why he calls his close collaborator “Yezos” now, and confirmed it’s a play on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ name because of Kanye’s financial status.

He didn't reveal who would appear on the new Pusha LP, but hinted there would be some heavy hitters on the tracklist. “I do have a verse from people on my album for sure,” But he denied reports he had worked with Jay-Z or Jeezy. “I think everybody who’s on it, is great in their space,” he said at the 16:10 point. “I needed that, because I needed that to match the greatness in the production. … Pharrell and Ye, especially, they only like to work with a certain tier of artist when it’s rap time.”

Pusha hinted at "numerous tracks" on the album where Jay-Z might rap. He said he can "rely on him to say something I can't say." He won't contact Jay to work unless he's "totally satisfied" with his own verse as well as wanting something else to happen.

Pusha agreed that it was "a scheme" to inflate streaming numbers when musicians include many tracks on their albums considering his last LP was a lean seven tracks. “I don’t hear classics that are usually that long,” he said at the 17:00 mark. “Or maybe they just love everything they do so much. … Me, personally, I have a very clean and concise vision for what it is that I’m making.” He promised that the forthcoming record will be “all killer no filler.”

The rapper's next full-length will conclude his Def Jam record contract, and Pusha said that, while the label "has been great," he remained quiet on what his plans are. "I don't know? I'm not going to stop creating," he said at the 18:20 mark. Regardless of where he heads next, he wants to remain on good terms with Ye's G.O.O.D. Music label. He also shot down rumors about the contract he shared online, and said it was just Kanye signing over profits from his back catalog and forthcoming record.

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