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Pusha T Says Gucci Mane Cursed Him Out Over Failed Collab Record

Gucci Mane has solidified himself as one of the most legendary personalities in rap, with various peers having a memorable interaction with the Atlanta legend. However, Pusha T claims he has "the best Gucci Mane story."

During an appearance on "Da Cribb Show" podcast, Pusha T explained how a failed collab between the two resulted in Gucci Mane cursing him out.

"One day, Gucci reached out to me -- this was years ago," Pusha T said. "Gucci reached out to me. He was like, 'Yo, I want you to get on this song. This and that, boom boom boom.' I said, 'Yeah, send it.' Boom. Sends it."

After a day or two, Pusha T completed his guest verse and contacted Gucci Mane to figure out he should send the verse to the Atlanta native. According to the Clipse rapper, Gucci Mane told him he'd give him an email address to send the record to but never did. This caused Pusha T to reach out to Guwop multiple times only to be told he'd be provided with the proper email address.

Nevertheless, he never received an email address but was still cursed out as a result of the collaboration never materializing.

"Dog, he never send me the email," Pusha continued while laughing at the story. "I called him, he ain't answer. I'm going on about my day, my business, whatever. I get this text, 'This why I don't be f***in with industry n****s!' I'm like, 'Yo...' Listen, cursed me the f**k out."

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