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Pusha-T Teams Up With Arby’s for Diss Track Aimed at McDonald's

“How dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust it?”

Pusha-T's new offering with Arby's includes a variety of jabs including the one above. If the above lyrical excerpt didn't make it clear, the collaborative effort here is indeed a diss track aimed at McDonald's, the home of Filet-O-Fish.

See more from King Push, whose ties to McDonald's musical history are well documented.

On the days leading up to the collab's reveal, Pusha-T and Arby's teased it on social media with satirical sandwich suggestions. The collab also pairs well with the Ye-featuring McDonald's ad that was just released last month.

Whether fast food feuds are involved or not, it's an exciting time to be a Pusha-T fan. This month alone, "Diet Coke" was given a snowy Late Show refresh and Pusha connected with NIGO for "Hear Me Clearly."

Pusha said in a recent Million Dollaz Worth of Game interview that he and Jay-Z collaborated on "something from my new album."


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