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Quavo Says He Wants To Star Alongside Jack Harlow in Upcoming 'White Men Can't Jump' Reboot

If Quavo gets approved to star in the reboot, he'll be bringing his basketball skills and hip-hop fame to the silver screen. Right now, Quavo reigns as Hip Hop's most celebrated rapper and basketball star.

After learning that friend and fellow basketball star Jack Harlow would star in a reboot of the 1992 comedy White Men Can't Jump, Quavo made a pitch to the filmmakers, asking if he could co-star with Harlow.

“I think they need to call me, so me and Jack Harlow can do it,” Quavo told the paparazzi. “I need to play Wesley Snipes’ role. Huncho and Harlow, let’s do it!”

“Jack Harlow’s amazing,” Quavo said. “He can do everything.”

In the original White Men Can't Jump, Woody Harrelson starred as Billy Hoyle and Wesley Snipes as Sidney Deane, two hustlers who con their way to fast money on the basketball court, all by making the opposing team think Hoyle couldn't hoop, much less hoop like an NBA star.

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