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Remy Ma Announces Launch of Historical First Ever All-Female Battle Rap League

Rapper Remy Ma started out as a ferocious battle rapper, and now she's planning to launch the first-ever women-only battle rap league.

With its inaugural event, Queens Get The Money, Remy Ma launched Chrome 23, the first women's battle rap league. Hot97 and Chrome 23 partnered to live stream the event on their official websites and YouTube with a lineup that included Yoshi G vs. Pristavia, Casey Jay vs. O'fficial, 40 B.A.R.R.S. vs. QB Black Diamond, and Ms. Hustle vs. Couture.

In addition to Fat Joe, Dave East, Maino, Lil Mama and Rah Digga, one person made a surprise appearance given her history with Remy Ma. The legendary battle rap legend Lady Luck was in attendance, and for those unaware, Remy and Lady Luck were fierce rivals back in the early 2000s.

As part of the Bacon Egg N Cheese Show, the two discussed their competitive rivalry, the Terror Squad member saluted her former rival.

“You a different type of beast, and I respect that if nothing else,” Remy told Luck. “You don’t take no for an answer, ‘Oh that’s not going to work? I’m going to go over here and do this. Oh, that’s not happening I’m going to try something else out.’ Like some people, they just give up, and they let the world tell them what their worth is.”

Lady Luck chimed in, saying, “It’s always flattery on my end when I say you’re one of the top female rappers that I’ve ever heard, and [I’ll] give you your flowers, and I want to tell you I love you.”


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