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Reports Reveal Former Red Sox Star, David Ortiz Was Targeted by Drug Kingpin in 2019 Shooting

According to the findings of a six-month private investigation, David Ortiz's near-fatal attack was motivated by jealousy.

In 2019, the former Red Sox star was shot at the Dial Bar in Santo Domingo while he and his friend, TV host Jhoel Lopez, were standing there. The attack began as a case of mistaken identity, as assailants confused Ortiz with his other friend, Sixto David Fernandez; however, former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis believes that the MLB legend was the actual target, and that the hit was ordered by notorious drug lord César "The Abuser" Peralta.

“Peralta said he had David shot,” Davis told the Boston Globe, citing information from US authorities.

Former CIA official Ric Prado assisted with the investigation. Upon hearing the news from Davis, Ortiz responded that he felt "sad, confused, angry, and all kinds of emotions."

Joaquin Perez, Peralta's Miami-based lawyer, said Peralta had "nothing to do" with Ortiz's attempted murder.

Ortiz confirmed that he had a casual relationship with Peralta, but they weren't close friends. Perez described Ortiz and Peralta as "close friends."

Thirteen suspects await trial in the case.


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