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Rick Ross On The Relationship Between Hip-Hop & LGBTQ: “I Believe Hip Hop Has Already Embraced It”

The relationship between hip hop and LGBTQ people is not the best. During the more aggressive and profanity-laced era of rap in the 1980s and 1990s, homophobia has been rampant.

In recent years there have seen a shift in the Hip Hop and the LGBTQ community relationship for the better. The music of openly gay artists such as Lil Nas X, Young M.A, and Saucy Santana is putting their sexuality on the forefront.

Rick Ross was asked about the relationship between Hip Hop and the LGBTQ community in a recent interview with Quentin Latham of FOX Soul. Rozay says the culture welcomes LBGTQ people with open arms.

“I believe Hip Hop has already embraced it,” he replied. “Without a doubt.”

MMG mogul Rick Ross was then asked about fellow Florida rapper Saucy Santana, who is best known for the hits "Walk Em Like a Dog" and "Material Girl." Although he was unfamiliar with the rapper's music, he encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

“I’m not familiar with the name Santana,” Ross said. “But live your life, chase your dreams and go hard, man. Go hard.”

Despite Rick Ross' supportive stance, Lil Nas X still believes Hip Hop is homophobic. During an interview with XXL last year, the MONTERO hitmaker discussed his place in culture as an LGBTQ artist.

“Honestly, I don’t feel as respected in Hip Hop or many music places in general,” he said. “But these are communities that I am a part of, whether people would like it or not. This is something that I wanted to do because, not that my entire album is rap, but there are rap tracks on my album. I am a rapper. I am a pop star. I am a gay artist. But it’s like, I belong in these places, you know?”


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