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Rick Ross reveals how an unpaid CIROC gig led to a $1 million deal with Diddy

Everyone has to start somewhere in Hip Hop, one of the unwritten rules. That is the case with Rick Ross, who always takes time out of his busy schedule to speak about his remarkable rise to the top of Hip Hop's elite.

During the weekend, Diddy's famous Ciroc Vodka made the rounds on social media as The Biggest Boss explained one of his earlier brand collaborations. Rozay doesn't recall ever receiving a dime for promoting Ciroc in the beginning, but Diddy acknowledged his persistence for sticking with it.

Rick Ross writes in his video, "I was an unpaid brand ambassador for Ciroc for a year +..taking pictures, posting etc., and was already a huge artist." “Following yr @diddy gave me a 1million dollar check just for taking The initiative and going hard as I did when no one else was!”

It is essential to establish yourself as a valuable partner in order to secure brand partnerships, according to Ross. In order for collaborations to work, participants must demonstrate what they have to offer.

“When you go to a job, and they give you an interview, they actually want to see what are you coming to the table with,” Ross said in his video. “What are your gifts, what makes you unique? Or are you just a standard individual that can mop and sweep?”

He has amassed a lot of bags in his career because he believes in proving his worth. Luc Belaire has since become an influential brand ambassador and even recruited Jay Leno to promote their new "Bleu" bottle last year.


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