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Samuel L. Jackson on Jonah Hill Ranked as Actor With Most Onscreen Profanity: “That’s Some Bullshit”

Samuel L. Jackson joked on Wednesday's Tonight Show about an infamous onscreen profanity ranking of actors saying that someone must have "miscounted" to rank Jonah Hill at the top.

In their interview, Jimmy Fallon pointed out the ranking that made headlines back in 2020, in which Hill and Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio are ranked ahead of Jackson, and that Jackson did not indeed take the top spot.

“That’s some bullshit,” Jackson said. “Jonah Hill. Really?” he then added. “And then Leo. Jonah Hill, then Leo. I don’t believe that. Somebody has miscounted.”

Thereafter, the two discussed how such a ranking would perform if it focused on specific sentence enhancers, with the inimitable "fuck" making an indirect appearance. Jackson, of course, agreed with Fallon that he would have won if the ranking had been word-specific.

See the full video below.

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