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Singer Keyshia Cole Visits The Fully Immersive Tupac "Wake Me When I'm Free" Museum Exhibition

On Friday March 25th The legendary Singer Keyshia Cole decided to visit the popular Tupac Shakur "Wake Me When I'm Free" Museum Exhibition in Los Angels California.

While Rocking a stylish vintage Tupac t-shirt the beautiful singer was seen admiring the well-crafted exhibition with friends and close relatives.

Check Out the below video clip, Keyshia Cole posted via Instagram Story that shows her experience at the Pac exhibit.

Make sure to watch the below video clip in full screen mode to remove the white borders.

The incredible exhibit, developed in collaboration with the Shakur Estate, combines technology, contemporary art, and never before seen artifacts from 2pac's personal archives.

Tupac Shakur "Wake Me When I'm Free" explores the true meaning of his activism, music, and revolutionary art as it guides visitors through a labyrinth of emotions, as they take a journey through his extraordinary life. Below you will find the AOD 4k walkthrough of the nicely organized exhibit.

Also Back in 2018 during an interview with comedian Steve Harvey on his talk show, Keyshia Cole, shared details about her last conversation with the late music icon 2pac. She revealed to Steve that she felt like Pac knew something was about to happen to him.

Steve Harvey asked Keyshia "Because you worked with the late Tupac all the way up until he passed, what you talked about?"

Keyshia Cole replied "Yeah, it's funny because he told me that we were gonna do a song together the night that he got shot in Vegas. It was just weird though because like the night that he was saying he wanted me to work with him when we get back to LA, it seemed like he was talking like he knew he wasn't gonna make it." Check Out the video clip below to see the full segment.

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