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Snoop Dogg Reacts to Photographer Suing Nas “How’s a Mothafucka Suing Nas for a Picture That He in?”

A photographer who filed a lawsuit against Nas for posting a picture of him and 2Pac together led Snoop Dogg to blast him on Instagram.

“How’s a mothafucka suing Nas for a picture that he in?” Snoop said, adding that photographers have “lost y’all mothafuckin’ rabid ass mind.”

Additionally, Snoop questioned the current copyright laws, saying they must be updated. “When you take a picture of a n***a, that picture ain’t yours. That’s a mere likeness-type situation. You’re borrowing my likeness,” he said. “We need new laws to help us as artists, man, because it’s a bunch of mothafuckas selling pictures with my face on it and I don’t get shit ‘cause they took the picture. Can anybody help me with that? Just a basic question.”

Rap photographer Al Pereira filed a lawsuit against Nas over the weekend for sharing the artwork without permission or licensing the image, HipHopDX reports. Pereira’s black-and-white photo features Nas, 2Pac, and Redman outside of Club Amazon in 1993.

In the lawsuit, filed in February, Nas claims that the picture's worth decreased after he posted it to his Instagram account in 2020. Pereira had registered the artwork's copyright three years earlier. Among the damages he is seeking is an injunction against Nas for sharing the image.


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