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Soulja Boy Calls Out Migos and Lil Durk, Says He Can’t Get a Song With Them Now That They’re Famous

Soulja Boy, who seems to get involved in a new rap beef every month, has criticized Migos and Lil Durk for not collaborating with him after they got famous.

Soulja said he worked with countless rappers before they hit it big, listing some of the names that have since become well known. "I always work with a artist before they pop off," he said. "Look at me and Migos. Look at me and Rich the Kid. Look at me and Mozzy. Look at me and Lil B. Look at me and Riff Raff. Me and Famous Dex. How many rapper n***as I done worked with before they got popping, before they record deal?"

According to him, he was also on Lil Durk's first mixtape, Life Ain't No Joke, and worked with Chief Keef when he was a young rapper. "I do songs with all these n***as before they get famous. Then once them n***as get famous, I can't even get a song from these n***as no more," he continued. "That's crazy. But when ya'll n***as was in the hood, and ain't nobody know who the fuck y'all was, I was doing songs with y'all n***as."

Chief Keef and Rich the Kid got some love from Soulja Boy for working with him after they signed, but he suggested everyone else stop working with him at some point. "All a n***a got to do is look up Soulja Boy, Lil Durk, 'Eater,'" he said. "This man first mixtape. I'm talking about, nobody knew who this man was. Now a n***a get a record deal. Where the fuck my feature back at, n***a? When you n***as was in the hood, you n***as was unsigned, I was doing songs with you n***as for free."

Soulja Boy famously got embroiled in a beef with Kanye West last year when his verses were left off of Donda. When the project’s sequel arrived in February this year, the rapper made an appearance on “First Time in a Long Time.”


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