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Steve Harvey Defends D.L. Hughley & Warns Kanye “We From a Ass-Whoopin’ Era.”

Kanye West has said he “can afford to hurt” D.L. Hughley, and now Steve Harvey is warning him to stay away from his friend.

Hughley found himself the target of Kanye's ire when he suggested Yeezy's behavior on Instagram, which resulted in him being suspended for 24 hours on Wednesday, was worrisome. He claimed that Ye was "stalking his" ex Kim Kardashian, who's now with SNL's Pete Davidson. Ye threatened Hughley and ripped into his career choices and style in some follow-ups.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show host issued his own threat for clowning his friend in a new episode.

“Pull up, it ain’t what you want. If y’all do get to scrapping, all my cash on D.L., cause you have no idea. You been a lil politically, socially conscious rapper—we from a ass-whoopin’ era. … We from a whole ’nother era,” the Harvey said.

He then added, “Ye, c’mon man, back up a little bit. … D.L. ain’t your problem. Don’t go out there against that man’s family.”

As of late, West has been constantly harassing his ex and attacking celebrities on Instagram, including Trevor Noah.


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