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‘Superfly’ Star Kaalan Walker Accused of Using Instagram & Twitter Fame to Rape Young Women

The superfly actor and rapper Kaalan "KR" Walker was accused of sexual assault in 2021 by over 30 young girls and women who claim he prayed on them using his fame and social media. He was arrested in 2018 on charges of forcible rape, unlawful intercourse with a minor, and other felonies related to 11 alleged victims in Los Angeles County. Walker pleaded not guilty, and the trial began this month.

According to Rolling Stone, prosecutors told a Los Angeles County courtroom Tuesday (March 8) that Walker was a "digital age" serial rapist who used the "little blue checkmark" on his social media accounts to "hunt" for aspiring models and artists online.

Walker’s attorney argued, “The [alleged victims] are going to lie to you because they know that they fell for his B.S.,” the defense lawyer told jurors, claiming the alleged victims were out for “revenge.” They added, “The pattern of Mr. Walker is to make false promises and they bought it. … Each one of these women voluntarily made their own decisions. He didn’t force them. … It’s pay-back to Mr. Walker and we’re not going to let that happen.”

Yasmin Fardghassemi said there were over a dozen alleged victims, who did not know each other, and the “single thing that unites all of these woman is the defendant Kaalan Walker.” She also listed allegations made by ten of the alleged victims without mentioning the 11th, as well as a teenager's and two other women's "strikingly similar" allegations.

Walker mainly used Instagram and Twitter to entice the women to locations with the promise of introducing them to celebrities or shooting a music video, as per Fardghassemi.

“She’s in and out,” she told the jurors. “She’s drunk. She doesn’t know what’s going on. He penetrates her from behind without her consent. He rapes her as she’s in and out. What you’re going to learn about [this victim] is that she didn’t know who her attacker was because she was so drunk This crime is entirely solved by DNA evidence.”

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