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T.I. Resolves Issues With Lauren Knight After Heated Exchange Over Sexual Assault Joke

T.I. has made amends with rising comedian Lauren Knight after he interrupted her set to accost her over a joke she made about the sexual assault allegations he faced in 2021.

“I’ve said from my entrance into the world of comedy that I intend to use my light to shine on others,” T.I. said in a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday (April 6). “To bring awareness to those who also have love and respect for the art form. In the spirit of that… Everyone I’d like to introduce you to @sheslaurenk she’s a young up & coming comic on the scene in Atlanta check her out.

He added, “She’s a young black women fighting to use her voice for laughter & I understand that may take us down dark roads at times but there’s always an opportunity to find a beacon of light & produce a positive outcome.”

As i say all the time… all ships rise with the high tide. May she use whatever fame & notoriety she receives for good. I wish you the best & hope you bring the world more joy & laughter with the light you receive. I’ve done my part here… moving on.”

The caption was attached to a video that showed Tip and Knight relaxing on stage together.

T.I.’s response comes after he was caught on video storming the stage at an Atlanta comedy club and snatching a mic after Knight made a joke about the sexual assault investigation the “Live Your Life” rapper and his wife Tiny both faced in 2021. The case ultimately ended up being dismissed due to the statute of limitations in Los Angeles.

“As many times as you joke on that shit n-gga, I’m gon check yo mother fuckin ass as long as it takes,” T.I. said in the video shared via Baller Alert. “There ain’t no mother fucking case. Ain’t never been no mother fucking case. I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothing wrong. And if you keep on playing wit me n-gga, I’m going to motherfucking continue to confront publicly– verbally,” he said.

Knight at first tried to diffuse the situation by saying she believed T.I. to be innocent, but after he showed no interest in her apology, she bit back.

“If I want to make jokes about something, I’ll make jokes about something,” Knight said. “You’re not going to tell me to shut the fuck up in my shit. This is my shit. Let’s be very clear.”

Revisit the ordeal below.


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