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T-Pain Claims Someone Is Using His Name to Scam Other Artists

T-Pain has been very adamant about maintaining and managing his brand online. The musician has also been very critical of the music industry and the way newer artists push themselves.

Previously, the artist condemned upcoming musicians who only promote themselves on Instagram, saying he’s not going to the platform “to check your s**t out.” Now, T-Pain has taken to social media to call out an imposter using his name to send emails and attempt to scam people out of money.

T-Pain took a screenshot of the email in question and told his fans don’t fall for the foolishness. The email contained many grammatical flubs, which gave away that the actual person behind the email was not the Florida artist. The scam made many promises, including an alleged marketing/distribution publishing deal. However, the email said, “There is a small fee of $300 for this to take place, which will state the offer was unsolicited.”

In the caption of his Instagram post, T-Pain said, “These boys out here actin UP!! GAAAAAHHHDAAAAAMN! If you get this email, pls don’t be stupid. And if you fell for it already…….. Y’all know that ain’t me. And broski who sendin that s**t out…… com’on son. Chill bro. 'Hello my name is T-Pain' head a** chill bro.” Take a look above.

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