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Taylor Lorenz Addresses Facebook's Smear Campaign on TikTok: "It Looks Desperate"

Facebook joining forces with a major Republican firm to turn public opinion against their fiercest rival reeks of desperation, according to Taylor Lorenz.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post columnist appeared on "TMZ Live" to discuss her bombshell report about how FB and Meta are playing dirty in the war with TikTok.

Taylor says Facebook looks weak for paying operatives at Targeted Victory, a Republican consulting firm, to run a calculated smear campaign against TikTok in order to hurt its standing in America.

In terms of Targeted Victory, Taylor says it's trying to stir up anti-Chinese sentiments by tying TikTok to the Chinese government because ByteDance, the company behind the app, is based in Beijing.

Nevertheless, she says there is no evidence that TikTok is in bed with Communist China, in spite of claims made by former president Donald Trump and others.

This is an interesting look at the battle for social media supremacy, in which Taylor explains why Facebook and Meta are playing a dangerous game.

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