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TDE President Punch, Calls Out DJ Vlad Over “Deceptive and Misleading” Headlines

Terrence "Punch" Henderson, president of Top Dawg Entertainment, is unhappy with VladTV founder DJ Vlad.

Earlier this week, the rapper/entrepreneur shared a tweet airing out his grievances with the media personality, accusing him of using nothing but click bait to promote his brand.

“Aye champ (@djvlad),” he began. “These headlines you use are very deceptive and misleading. I get it, you need something catchy for the bait, but be careful, it can be damaging. Also don’t even question what I do in that matter and with that tone. Black people are in general, super creative and innovative and can do more than one thing (and at a high level). ”

He concluded, “Basically we can chew gum and walk at the [same] time my guy. I can create a marketing plan with SZA and then go rap with AROOMFULLOFMIRRORS.”

Punch added in his caption, “In case you needed clarity @djvlad.”

An interview DJ Vlad did with battle rapper Daylyt seems to have triggered the President of Top Dawg Entertainment. During the interview, Vlad mentioned Daylyt's association with TDE. Daylyt mentioned getting a feature from Punch when he discussed links with Ab-Soul and other artists on the TDE roster.

As a result, they formed their Hip Hop collective A Room Full of Mirrors, consisting of Daylyt, Punch, Nick Grant, Lyric Michelle, Ichiban Don, Billymaree, Jrias Law, Earlee Riser and producer Hari.

When Daylyt mentioned Punch’s name, Vlad clarified, “Who’s the president of TDE.” But Vlad’s comment didn’t seem to be perceived as malicious by Daylyt, considering he just went on with the interview.

DJ Vlad's reputation in the Hip Hop world is shaky at best, but rappers and producers continue to hang out on his couch and do interviews. Some people aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid, though.


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