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Ted Lasso Star Brett Goldstein Gives "Special Shout-Out" to Co-star Juno Temple

The Critics Choice Awards have crowned the winner of best supporting actor in a comedy series.

Teddy Lasso star Brett Goldstein accepted the award presented by Ralph Macchio and Jacob Bertrand for the category on Sunday night.

As he accepted the award from London, the 41-year-old actor praised his co-stars on the acclaimed series.

"Thank you to the Critics Choice Association. Thank you to Warner [Bros.] and Apple and [co-creators] Jason [Sudeikis] and Bill [Lawrence] and Brendan [Hunt] and Joe Kelly for changing my life," he began.

"Let's be honest, I'm basically the most supported actor," he continued. "Like, I don't do much. I'm just surrounded by an amazing cast and I would like to name them individually, but there's too many and it's 1 in the morning and people need to go to bed. But let me at least say, Jason, who taught me everything, Hannah [Waddingham], who I love."

Goldstein then gave "a special shout-out" to castmate Juno Temple, who plays his character Roy Kent's love interest on the popular Apple TV+ show.

"Acting with Juno is like doing a scene with pure light," he said of the 32-year-old actress, before adding an expletive that was censored out. "Thank you very much, everyone."

In season 2 of the show, Goldstein is Ted Lasso's angry-yet-lovable coach Roy Kent, and the character has gone through major changes. As Roy prepares for retirement, he seeks to find a better way to project his soccer-loving energy.

First, he tries sports commentary, then he becomes one of the coaches of AFC Richmond.

Goldstein won the Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series in October.

Goldstein previously talked about playing such a tough character.

"Roy is incredibly stubborn," he told Vanity Fair. "It's going to take five episodes to get him over the emotional hump. I think part of what we're interested in exploring in Roy is what happens after football and what happens to a man like this. You've got his relationship, which has been amazing and probably the first time he's had a relationship this good. But, you know, the rest of his life's a f------ mess. So he's in denial about that. He's like, everything's fine."


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