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The Doctor Who Will Smith Portrayed in 'Concussion' Says Will Hasn't Tarnished His Image

The Doctor Will Smith portrayed in "Concussion" thinks that what Will did does not define who he is and once the dust settles, Will's reputation will be untarnished.

Dr. Bennet Omalu tells TMZ that the actor transformed his life for the better, noting that he's one of the most beautiful people he's ever known.

He says the incident with Chris Rock doesn't tarnish the actor's name; rather, it shows the actor's more human side.

While the doctor does not condone violence, he believes the slap was an impulsive act, which showed viewers he isn't like other "superstars"... he is more authentic.

He also attributes the outburst to pressure, probably due to the uncertainty surrounding who will win the Best Actor award. After the incident, Dr. Omalu says he loves Smith even more.

Though most people are not in agreement with the doctor's views. Sentiment seems to fall into a couple of categories, hotheaded and unhinged are recurring themes.

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