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The Game Calls Out 50 Cent & His Girlfriend, Cuban Link, Saying "Tell Ya Girl Stay Out My Dm’s"

From their 2005 hit "Hate It Or Love It" to their latest social media spat, 50 Cent and The Game have a long history together.

Mr. Los Angeles Confidential taunted the rapper-turned-television executive over his refusal to do a Verzuz battle on Friday (March 25). He outed 50 Cent's girlfriend Cuban Link for allegedly hopping into his DMs - and provided the receipt.

“Hit @therealswizzz & @timbaland ASAP & stop runnin from this verzuz,” he captioned a photo of 50 Cent’s head on a rotisserie chicken. “Oh’ n tell ya girl stay out my DM’s… if she don’t want her man overweight, fat as fuck hanging upside down like rotisserie chicken at the Super Bowl.”

Cuban Link's topless photo is included in the alleged DM, along with her phone number and the message "video girl?" Keep in mind.” The second photo in the slide is a screenshot from 50 Cent’s surprise appearance during the Super Bowl LVI Pepsi Halfime Show last month in which he rapped upside down.

Immediately following 50 Cent's performance, he was roasted on Twitter by seemingly countless people who considered him "fat." Despite looking relatively fit in his white tank top and black pants, fat jokes began flying online. A number of his fans came to his defense, while others believed he deserved it.

As one person said, “Typically I would be against the body shaming of 50 Cent but the way his misogynistic vitriol is targeted towards Black women and their bodies the majority of the time, this fat Black girl gonna get some full belly laughs at his expense.” 50 Cent didn’t directly address the fat-shaming, but he did share a meme of D12 rapper Bizarre hanging upside down in the 2004 “My Band” video and asked, “Who the fvck did this?”

Since the start of the popular series, 50 Cent has been anti-Verzuz. During an interview with The Knockturnal in July 2021, he was asked if it would ever happen.

“A Verzuz battle? Probably not,” he replied. “We back outside. That was something that happened during the pandemic when we was stuck in the house. Now that we back outside, there’s other things to do. We supposed to be creating new history, not being back there.”

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