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Theophilus London Confronts D.L. Hughley Over His Comments on Kanye West

Kanye West and comedian D.L. Hughley have recently been feuding. Earlier this month, Hughley criticized Kanye's handling of his divorce from Kim Kardashian, and the rap icon retaliated with semi-threatening posts that led to his temporary Instagram suspension.

Even more interestingly, Theophilus London confronted D.L. Hughley over his comments about Kanye. The Brooklyn-born artist spotted the comedian with a group of friends at a nearby table as he enjoyed a date night at NoBu in Malibu.

According to London, he stepped up to Hughley while recording on his phone and demanded an apology. However, the comic's entourage did not appreciate Theophilus' presence and called security.

On his Instagram Stories, Theophilus London uploaded a photo of D.L. Hughley with the caption, “LMAO. I told him to apologize on camera for doing that dumb Vlad interview and his people called security.”

Theophilus London continued to taunt D.L. Hughley on his Instagram Stories, posting the same picture of Hughley accompanied by Chief Keef's "Faneto."

“LMAOOOO. I’m a good boy and peace maker tho. Just came to ball on some fish,” he wrote before his sentiment quickly changed. “I pressed this n-gga D.L. Hughley. Kings of who?”

At the moment, it doesn't appear that Theophilus London got the apology from D.L. Hughley he was looking for. Kanye West hasn't posted to Instagram since his 24-hour suspension last Wednesday (March 16). Prior to the ban, he called Hughley out for living in Calabasas, which some interpreted as a threat.

“Wuuuuuut???” he captioned a screenshot of a Google search of the comic. “DL lives in Calabasas???????? Yoooooo God is good.”

Kanye West's Instagram antics cost him a spot as a performer at the upcoming 64th Annual Grammy Awards, which cited his "disturbing online behavior."


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