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Theophilus London Says 'Every Black Leader' Is Asking Him About His Confrontation With D.L. Hughley

Trinidadian rapper Theophilus London claimed he "pressed" comedian D.L. Hughley over comments he made about Kanye West and the subsequent feud they had online. Hughley was dining at Nobu in Malibu earlier this week when the incident allegedly occurred. Even though the parties have different accounts of what actually happened, London isn't backing down from his original remarks.

London shared an Instagram Story on Tuesday (March 22) about the alleged altercation and revealed that his inbox is flooded with messages.

“Man every Black leader in my dm hitting me, asking bout DL about me and what happen,” he wrote. “This is internet shit and people at home having nothing else to do but read headlines and flip out. And look at stories. Ya Man DL was looking clean and having a meeting! This 15 mins been doing well for the legend. Y’all know my body, y’all know my heart and y’all know my soul. I spoke to DL like a man would. Y’all n-ggas want to see somebody die on the cross or sumn. Honestly I read a room well! I knew y’all would take the bait.

“Man I’m here reading a script for my first film debut. My humor ain’t for you OLD ASS N-GGAS. I represent the youth and I’m 34! That’s why I’m still relevant and my music is timeless. Keep talking. It helps DL. Any internet pussy pls come to me also with any energy I find unfamiliar than we gone see my African side come out. Period. I’m outside.”

Meanwhile, in a separate Instagram post, Theophilus London implied that Hughley was simply seeking notoriety by sparring with Kanye West.

“Who is the current king of comedy?” he captioned the post. “Is it me?! Just to clear the air pls swipe. Regardless of my humor on what’s real or not this is the internet aka fast food entertainment. U can cancel a n***a, but u can’t cancel the culture. If you love me then I love you. The rest of y’all hop off my d*ck. DL don’t be using this [eggplant emoji] too much. U were a king in comedy! This is the best time to call Netflix. #15mins.”

Similarly to London's initial Instagram post, he also sent Kanye West a text message that read, "Just pulled up on this corn ball at Nobu told him to apologize on camera asap."


In a video clip, it appeared that London attempted to walk toward a dinner table where Hughley was seated. Security pushed London away before he could speak. He captioned that post, “I’M A GOOD BOY AND PEACE MAKER THO, JUST CAME TO BALL ON SOME FISH.”

According to VladTV, Hughley was caught off guard by London's account. He said there was only a "brief" verbal exchange.


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