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Too $hort on Why He's Never Retiring From Rap & Says He Draws Inspiration From Tom Brady

In the last four decades, Too $hort has released music, and he will not stop anytime soon. The Bay Area legend once planned on hanging up his mic for good in 1995, but that didn't last long.

Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay is where the 55-year-old explained why he won't retire from rapping anytime soon.

“I do it because, once upon a time, I announced that I was retiring,” he told the former Denver Broncos tight end. “I was 30 years old, and it was a big promotional push behind, ‘Too $hort retiring’ — I was on my 10th album at the time and I remember DJ Red Alert said to me, ‘You don’t ever see jazz musicians retiring or blues? Diana Ross and Smokey [Robinson] — they’re still on the stage. Why does a rapper have to stop?’

“So when he said that, I never ever considered retirement ever again. And I think that, the more I get older and wiser, I’m thinking somebody’s got to keep doing this.”

In addition, the Mount Westmore resident said he's drawn inspiration from an athlete who's defying father time by the name of Tom Brady. 7-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady recently went out of retirement and rejoined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another crack at the Lombardi Trophy.

“This is saying, not for me, saying look what I did,” $hort explained. “This is saying for my young homies — look what I can do. Look at what Tom Brady’s doing for quarterbacks.”

Even in the booth, Too $hort is still going strong. He collaborated with comedian Lil Duval on the groovy song "Big Sexy Thang" in February.

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