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Tracy Morgan Gets Emotional After Reflecting on His First Stand-Up Show Since 2014 Car Accident

Tracy Morgan was his usual hilarious self on Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, although the comedian shed some tears when reflecting on performing for the first time since his 2014 accident.

“I was hosting Saturday Night Live and at rehearsals, I decided that night, let’s go to The [Comedy] Cellar,” he said around the 32-minute mark of the video above. “I grabbed the mic, and I remember it felt so good to be welcomed back. It really did. And that day, I didn’t think I was ever going to touch the microphone again.”

Morgan then reminisced about how bleak things had been after the crash. “I didn’t think I was going to walk again, and I did. I just fought,” he said. “I fought to come out of the coma. I’d seen my daughter in the coma saying ‘daddy come back’ and she was only ten months and I fought and came out of the coma. Then I just wanted to be better. I wanted to be better at my life. A better person, a better human being to others, and that’s all I wanted to be. I know he spared my life for a reason.”

A Walmart truck with a sleep-deprived driver crashed into Morgan's minibus in 2014, killing one of Morgan's best friends and leaving him in a coma. Morgan later settled with Walmart for an undisclosed amount.

Upon his return from the hospital, the comedian told Conan that his daughter was afraid of him because of how severe his wounds were.

“My daughter was only ten months so she was just learning how to walk,” Morgan recalled. “But she was scared of me when I first came home. I stayed in the bed for two weeks. I don’t even remember that. I stayed in the bed for two weeks and then my daughter wouldn’t come to me ’cause she was scared of the wheelchair.

Listen to the full conversation below.


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