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Trevor Noah Reacts to Kanye West's Performance Being Pulled From the Grammys

Kanye West's performance at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards was pulled due to his "disturbing online behavior."

Grammy host Trevor Noah - one of many targets of Kanye's on Instagram last week - responded to the Academy's decision, tweeting, "I said counsel Kanye not cancel Kanye."

A source close to Trevor Noah told CNN, “Trevor never asked the Grammys to ban Kanye from performing. He was not offended by Kanye’s Instagram post and Trevor responded on Instagram. The notion that Trevor or his team asked the Grammys to ban Kanye is ridiculous.”

Kanye made a racial slur at Trevor Noah this past week after the Daily Show host commented on Ye's social media behavior during a recent episode.

“There are some stories that I feel transcend everything, and then speak to larger conversations, and I honestly think the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West-Pete Davidson situation is turning into that,” he said. “It started very much in the land of tabloid, but I feel like it’s creeping and has crept into a world that more people should pay attention to, but for the reason you may think.”

He also called Kanye's behavior "belligerent" and cited the controversial videos for "Eazy" where Davidson is decapitated and buried alive.


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