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Trevor Noah Responds to Kanye West Calling Him a "Koon"

Trevor Noah caught Kanye West's ire this week after he complained about how Kim Kardashian is being treated, especially since their divorce has been finalized and she has moved on with Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson.

As Noah described Kanye's behavior as "belligerent," he suggested he was worried about the safety of Kardashian, Davidson and the four children they share. Kanye responded by calling the South African native a "koon."

Kanye West deleted the deprecating post shortly before being banned from Instagram for 24 hours, but not before someone screenshot Noah's response. Noah provided a lengthy comment in which he kindly talked about the profound impact Kanye has had on him over the years but did not excuse his behavior. In fact, he expressed how worrisome he finds it.

“There are few artists who have had more of an impact on me than you Ye,” he wrote. “You took samples and turned them into symphonies. You took your pain and through the wire turned it into performance perfection. I thought differently about how I spend my money because of you.

“I learned to protect my child-like creativity from grown thoughts because of you, shit I still smile every time I put on my seatbelt because of you. You were a serious rapper who also knew when not to take himself seriously. You effortlessly brought comedy into music and made us all smile when we rapped along.”

He continued, “You’re an indelible part of my life Ye. Which is why it breaks my heart to see you like this. I don’t care if you support Trump and I don’t care if you roast Pete. I do however care when I see you on a path that’s dangerously close to peril and pain. You have every right to fight for your family.

“But you have to know the different between that and fighting your family. I’ve woken up too many times and read headlines about men who’ve killed their exes, their kid and then themselves. I never want to read that headline about you.”

During Noah's original commentary about the Kardashian-West divorce, he compared it to his stepfather shooting his mother and urged people to stop making fun of the divorce, likening it to people standing by and watching a car crash when everyone knew it was coming.

Noah considered he might be misreading the entire situation in his response to Ye's post, but is willing to take the chance.

“If you’re just joking about it all and I’m an idiot for caring, then so be it. But I’d rather be an idiot who spoke up and said something to you in life than the cool guy who said nothing and then mourns for you in prison or the grave. Oh and as for Koon, clearly some people graduate but we still stupid.

“Don’t ever forget, the biggest trick racists every played on black people was teaching us to strip each other of our blackness whenever we disagree. Tricking us into dividing ourselves up into splinters so that we would never unite into a powerful rod. (I can’t front though, Koon Baya is also funny as shit.) Look after yourself my brother. Hopefully one day we’ll all be laughing about this.”

Read all about Noah’s response below.

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