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Tyga & Doja Cat Collaborate on New Song ‘Freaky Deaky’

Doja Cat and Tyga take on the concept of being "freakish" in their new collaboration, which dropped on Friday (Feb. 25).

One day prior to the single's release, Tyga teased a snippet of the music video by uploading an 18-second clip, featuring Doja dressed in an assortment of lingerie, Tyga cruising in a neon-lit sports car through the neon-lit city and a giant mouth emerging from a swirly-patterned wall.

The release of "Freaky Deaky" follows the debut of Tyga's "Touch It (Remix)." Meanwhile, Doja remains buoyant after her album Planet Her was a Billboard 200 debuting at No. 2. On March 2, she is scheduled to receive the Billboard Women in Music Powerhouse Award.

“I love making music, but performing has blossomed into something that makes me just as happy,” she recently told Billboard. “I feel most powerful when I am fully in character onstage.”


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