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Tyler the Creator Talks About His Creative Process, What Inspires Him as an Artist, and More..

Tyler, the Creator fans received a feast of sorts on Wednesday with the release of an extended interview conducted as part of Converse's All Star Series. The announcement followed the recent announcement of the Golf Wang x Converse Chuck 70 Low Python release date.

Tyler talked for more than 70 minutes in the discussion and mentioned his years-long collaboration with Converse as well as how Pharrell first got him connected with the brand.

Tyler is quick to point out that the ideas that didn't work out for the brand had a significant impact on where he ended up as an artist.

“With Converse it’s like, man, we had so many different ideas that didn’t work, and it’s okay because all of that got us to this one end result that doesn’t even have anything to do with it,” Tyler said, adding that “you just learn along the way.”

Tyler continued by explaining that it is crucial for artists to have "cheerleaders" along their respective paths, noting that the constant presence of a supportive friend can be extremely important. Also, he commented passionately on artists who crowdsource their process via social media snippets, and discussed his disinterest in the NFT space in depth.

Watch the Full conversation above.


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